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        Raw Materials
        Pot Embryo
        Stainless Iron
        Zhejiang TELLABLE Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
        TEL: 086-0579-87617218 
        FAX: 086-0579-87617217
        MOB: 13905890553
        E-mail: zj@deliaibo.com
        ADD: Wuyi in Zhejiang orchids Baihua Mountain Industrial Park Road on the 10th
        ZHE JIANG TELL COMPOSITE CO.,TD.is located in Wuyi city, Zhejiang province, a famous hot springs city with beautiful landscape and historical heroes, near the Wuyi exit of Jin-Li-Wen highway. Our company is a professional dedicated to all types of metal composites research and development, production, sales and service of integrated enterprise.

        Our company has a moderm production plant and office facilities with the most advanced production and testing equipment and a skilled, high-quality professional team, can meet the customers’demand on kinds of metal composites. We will become your trusted strategic partner with the most professional technology ,the highest quality products and the best services.

        Our company’s management objective is “the good faith for this ,the reciprocal benefit is win-win”. We will try to be a first-class business and hope to achieve brilliant future with you.
        Copyright © Zhejiang TELLABLE Composite Materials Co., Ltd.       All Rights Reserved.
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